Sean C. Higgins

I am the former CTO and Co-founder of Herjavec Group and have worked in information technology for over 35 years with a specific focus in cybersecurity for almost 30 of those years.

I am always amazed at how much technology has changed over the years. When I started my career in 1986, I was writing programs to count light bulbs at General Electric and a few years later, I was building the first computer network for North York Public Library in Ontario.

This was all before the Internet was the Internet. It started as the ARPANET, which I used to sent emails back to my friends who were still at Purdue University and if you were clever enough, you could share information through very special gateways. I have been in the industry so long I have the distinction of being the first to be called as an expert witness in a Canadian court regarding a cybersecurity incident.

These days people and organizations contact me when they either need advice on how to solve technical problems and evaluate technological solutions, or they are looking to assistance with the direction their company is heading. I was pretty touched when Robert Herjavec, in his Canadian Best Selling book, Driven described me as “the smartest guy I ever met”.

Over the years, I developed a passion for coaching, especially young adults, through the people that I have managed or worked with and working with local universities, like University of York’s Career Mentorship Program. I am also a member of the Case Alumni Association Scholarship Committee where I have the honor of granting millions of dollars in scholarships to junior/senior STEM students.

My coaching is a combination of traditional life coaching, entrepreneurial business experience, and my ability to read energy. I trained in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, Enwaken Coaching, and Enwaken Apprentice programs.

I have two podcasts. The first, Kick Start Your Week, is a 15-20 minute mediation I release each Monday to get your energy aligned for the week. The second, Live Life with Sean, I discuss personal experiences and situations and how I work through them.

I self published my first book on Amazon called Living Your Purposeful Life and I am currently working on a follow up called Live Life planned to be out in January 2025.

I live on lovely Vancouver Island and enjoy exploring the island, or on my mountain bike. I also love college athletics, especially college basketball. So, do not try and get a hold of me during March Madness as I will probably be watching my alma mater, Purdue University.