Living Your Purposeful Life

Living Your Purposeful Life is a phrase that came to me while I was taking my Enwaken Coaching course. It stuck with me, but I was never sure what Living Your Purposeful Life meant. I launched a course around Living Your Purposeful Life to my friends and then tried to launch another one until the launch made me sick and then I decided to put the idea on the shelf.

Little did I know, while the idea for Living Your Purposeful Life was on the shelf, I continued to work on my life to Living Your Purposeful Life. It wasn’t until I met Jeff Brown that I fully realized that I needed to be writing a book and once the book started, the title quickly became Living Your Purposeful Life.

As the book was written, I posted several of the sections on my blog on this site and I got many comments from people about the posting which encouraged me to continue writing. Thank you for all your encouraging comments!

Writing the book for me was easy. I just forced myself to go to my favorite Starbucks and write. There were some mornings when I did not know what I was going to write, and some mornings when I did not want to go an write, but I went anyway and I was always pleasantly surprised with the results.

After the writing came the formatting, the editing, the cover design, and the publishing and I was planning to do the promoting, but I clicked a few too many buttons in the publishing process that I published the book before I was ready to promote it. After a bit of a panic, I just decided to go with it and launch the book anyway.

For those that have not followed by blog, the following is from the back cover of the book:

We made a choice to come into this lifetime and that choice was made so that we could experience something in this lifetime. But, there was a catch, we were born into this lifetime helpless and we had to learn how to live in this world before we could experience what we wanted to experience. In learning how to live, we adopted rules on how we should act, what we should believe, and who we should be. As part of the process, many of us forget what we came into this lifetime to experience. In Living Your Purposeful Life, I am going to share my journey and, I hope, that through my sharing, you are going to start questioning how you are acting, what you believe, and who you should be and on the other side, you will start Living Your Purposeful Life.

Order your copy on the right and after you have finished reading the book, leave a comment below. I hope that I have inspired you to start Living Your Purposeful Life!

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